Photo courtesy of Yaron Koler — a liver cancer survivor, professional programmer and friend.

Encouraging a participatory culture in clinical trials

Like a stranger in a strange land

My piece of the puzzle

Digital health software is like a favela — great UX, layers of challenging complexity under the hood

Business Threat Modeling


Courtesy of Yaron Koler — gifted software engineer, friend and liver cancer survivor

Protecting complex systems requires quantitative threat modeling

Pretty soon those desks will be empty

Crossing the chasm from R&D to patients is tricky


Tel Aviv, not far from Bograshov.


The state or condition of being free from being observed or disturbed by other…

Woman on phone. No mask.

It’s harder to compete but a lot easier to innovate today

Photo from Yaron Koler — a software engineer and liver cancer survivor

Danny Lieberman

I am a physicist by training, serious amateur musician and everyday biker. Working in cybersecurity and AI-driven monitoring of clinical trials.

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