Do you have an autistic child?

Danny Lieberman
1 min readJun 13, 2021


We can help you and parents like you celebrate life

My piece of the puzzle

4 years ago I met Jenna Elbaz at JRV — The Jordan River Village for children with serious diseases.

Jenna was running the summer camp programs at JRV in Israel and had a dream.

Imagine a place where children with special needs — like your autistic child meet children at risk. The bonding will be an experience neither you nor they will forget.

Jenna’s dream of creating a meeting place for children at risk with children with special needs has come true.

In the next 36 hours we are crowd-funding for My piece of the Puzzle.

Every donation will be doubled by generous donors who have already pledged their support and the overall fundraising target is to exceed £300k/1.4m NIS!

Here’s the link to my page

We’ll be funding after-school lessons, summer camps — and supporting children in the South who suffered so badly from the recent rocket attacks.