How clinical research is coming home.

Summer camp at My Piece of the Puzzle — where challenged children meet children at risk

Meet your patients how and where they are

Three nursing specialties are being used by PharmaKon to staff its clinical trials: virtual nurses, remote mobile nurses, and patient concierges. Virtual nurses work remotely through telemedicine portals and EDC systems with clinical trial data. Remote mobile nurses visit patient homes. Patient concierge nurses oversee daily patient calls and perform compliance checks via remote monitoring and/or phone calls. Sponsors are encouraged to design new study protocols for procedures such as labs, vector samples (stool, semen, saliva, urine), vital sign monitoring, EKGs, and health assessments to be completed remotely.

Our patients not be able to use a mobile ePRO because it’s in a language they cannot read and runs on a devices they don’t own.

Danny Lieberman is a solid-state physicist by training, serious amateur musician and tech entrepreneur. Involved in a cutting-edge project that harnesses AI to help us achieve transparency for our clinical data.

He is proud to be working with some very smart people, all smarter than him.

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