Over 50 and fired. What now?

Generation Z guys — someday this will be you and girlfriend

This can happen to you

Ok — so right now the job market for programmers is white-hot and there is a world-shortage. So — how come we’re not tapping into the 50+ pool of programmers?

Before you get fired

Be a CEO of a company of 1

You are used to working for a company and getting a salary. Get a life. Take control of yourself — you are now the CEO of a corporation of 1. Set objectives — personal and business. Measure yourself every day, every week and every month. There are a billion books and posts on management on Medium and LinkedIn. Read them critically — take home.

Set OKRs for yourself

Set objectives and key results for yourself. Measure them 1/week and 1/month. Work on consistency not execution. Execution will come later. Be consistent on setting objectives and measuring yourself every day for 3 months and it will become a habit. Then you can move on to execution.

Learn a new language every Friday

Your best resource is Learn X in Y minutes. If you are a Microsoft Monoculture person — learn something outside the Microsoft ecosystem like Go, Julia or even better Lisp. Do a toy project or 2. Get active on Github and contribute.

After you get riffed.

So you’ve been following directions, by now — you know a few new programming languages besides C# and you have some idea what you wanna do with your life.

Fix the loneliness thing — but don’t believe everything you read on LI

Even if your’e married — your SO may not grok what you’re going through.

Start marketing yourself.

Yep. You’re a CEO of 1 and now this is the startup of your life. You have experience, knowledge and understanding of what not to do. You can start by volunteering at a tech company — mentoring entry-level programmers. Build, package and price a mentoring program and start selling it as Mentoring as a Service. You get the idea.

Don’t assume you’ll get a salaried job every again.

yep. This is the reality. The Generation Z programmers are faster, more up-to-date and arguably have more stamina than you but you have a lot going for you. Just need to package, price and start selling.

Don’t know how to sell?

Look — you can be unemployed for 2 years and working in the pre-paid card department of a bus company or pay someone to coach you on how to sell.

In short:

Fix loneliness.



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Danny Lieberman

Danny Lieberman

I am a physicist by training, serious amateur musician and everyday biker. Working in cybersecurity and AI-driven monitoring of clinical trials.