Why hospital EMR is not the key to improving healthcare quality

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It is evident that, among digital health applications, electronic medical record (EMR) represents the greatest potential for improving healthcare quality.

This is a quote from the Journal of Thoracic Disease — Digital health for COPD care: the current state of play

Let’s take Occam’s razor to this claim.

The article itself says — Clinical evidence of EMR effects on in-hospital care for COPD remains limited. However, for general in-hospital care, the use of EMR has been shown to be beneficial.

This already contradict the claim that EMR represents not only a potential, but the greatest potential for improving healthcare quality.

Consider that when patients are not hospitalized — there is no data on their COPD condition, performance, improvement, degradation and adverse events.

Most of time, COPD patients are not hospitalized.

Ergo — there is no data in the EMR.

Ergo — EMR is not a meaningful data source for digital health.

This is like the joke about asking a bank robber why she robs banks — “Because that’s where the money is”.

Digital health will have the greatest impact on healthcare quality by going to where the data is — at the patient.

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