Why we need gender equality in software engineering

My MBP command line. Before my current naming convention of Italian females, I was using Hobbit characters.

Maintaining discipline is I think the hardest part of creating great software products.

This is why gender equality in software engineering is crucial. The male-dominated software industry is constantly looking for new programming languages. It’s like new toys. Better typing. High performance. High level constructs.

Some guy posted this on Reddit:

Julia the language is definitely a great general purpose programming language, it is positioned right in the middle between dynamic languages like Python but with the ability to write high performance “low level” code without leaving the language or giving up it’s high level constructs, plus lisp-like metaprogramming …Julia is garbage collected and uses eager evaluation.

Damn, that sounds like a guy.

If you told this to your grandmother, she would ask you if it would make you rich. Not. If you told it to your wife or girl-friend, she would tell you to go get a life. OK — if your wife or girl friend are programmers, they would say — “Cool — I dig eager evaluation, but are you going to make more money out of this?”.

In 1945 — Alan Turing writes on the future of computer programming:

“One of our difficulties will be the maintenance of an appropriate discipline so that we do not lose track of what we are doing”.

How true.